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The vision is fascinating. Never before had I encountered this kind of fan's version of a happy ending in Ib. You thought that Mary wou...


What appeals to me the most is the technique; I love how you work with colors. Even though the fanart's mood is dark and mysterious, Ib...




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Just an ordinary artist. I've been on DA before, but I felt my works weren't good enough. Now I'm trying something new. I hope this time I'll be satisfied with myself :)…

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The hard decision - how to improve choice-based games IMO

Since a new season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead has arrived, I’ve been thinking about the way choice-based games work. To create any kind of suspense, very often the mechanic extends to:
a) making a time limit, so the gamer has to think fast (e.g. almost all important choices in TWD, TWAU, UD etc.);
b) making the right choice unknown (e.g. who caused Kate to jump in Life is Strange);
c) making all available choices hard (e.g. killing Chloe or letting Arcadia Bay die in Life is Strange).
But very often the choice is blatantly obvious, because we as gamers know which option is the correct one, thus making our character a saint among mortals. But does this really work in real life? Shouldn’t we all be saints as we often know which choice is the morally ethical one?
No, because we tend to pull towards a more comfortable choice.

Making a decision isn’t about having two really heart-wrenching options that will make you cry either way. It’s about leaving your comfort zone in order to improve the well-being of someone other than you.

So I believe choice making should be more of a button masher.

Yeah, I know everybody hate button mashing. But I believe that, for now, there is no real alternative for something like this (I can only think of Quick Time Events, and NOBODY likes Quick Time Events.)

The premise:

Visual representation of the idea (made by me)

Whenever a character has to face a decision involving things they might not enjoy or easily comprehend, a bar appears on the screen. It starts near the easiest or less demanding option, but in order to do the right thing, the player must move to the other side of the bar by clicking a button furiously before the time runs out. Words might appear on the screen, presenting how the character justifies their action – the closer you are to the other option, the more thoughts concerning it appear. When the player makes a decision, their stats (hidden or not, depending on the game) will change. Choosing the more demanding option helps in future choices, by either making button mashing easier or giving more time for decision – just like working out your decision-making skills enhance your assertiveness. The game can include distractions such as a fierce argument taking place during the button mashing, which will demand focus from the player.


Of course not all choices must be this way – only those that normally be considered uncomfortable for the character. When it comes to the previously mentioned “gut-wrenching options,” the player may have the right to think in peace, as none of the choices can be considered comfortable. Or not – it all up to the developer.


As I said, this is my idea of improving choice-based games and making them more realistic and demanding. If you like them the way they are, good for you. If you’re searching for something more innovative, why not give it a try?


Best wishes,



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Cainmak Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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BlackjackSpeeder Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your artwork is very nice do you do requests at all?
Cainmak Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
Sure, but it might take some time due to my day job.
BlackjackSpeeder Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could you draw this girl?…
5'2 with medium yellow hair she robs places and does mercenary work with a special powder that even in really small proportions causes large scale explosions! she has no records on her identity and she's erased the memory of her identity from other peoples minds but when her true name is mentioned those memories resurface and she is forced to relocate which is why she never says her name and gets mad when her pupil says it out loud
clothes (color + looks)………

medium blonde hair, pale skin, facial expression like…
hair and face shape like…
+ yellow and black roller blades
Cainmak Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got it Thumbs Up 
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